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Fast Eddy’s: Exceeding All Expectations In Our Industries

If you wonder where you can go for premium gasoline, delicious, made-to-order breakfast, lunch or dinner for your next get together, or last minute grocery items, look no further than Fast Eddy’s. Located in Meridian, ID, we provide a variety of services for customers here and in Boise. You can visit Earl of Sandwich to put in a custom order for sandwiches, salads, and more. When you need a cold soda or hot coffee for the drive ahead, our retail store has you covered, including drive-thru service. At Fast Eddy’s, we keep everything convenient to ensure your visit to our location is worthwhile. For a quick fill-up before heading out on the road, we provide drivers with Chevron-branded gasoline. Chevron’s quality coupled with a tasty lunch and a spotless car is a great combination to take a break during the weekend. Make us your one-stop in Meridian for shopping, catering, and auto care.

Lube Services

Our Collection of Convenient Services

Fast Eddy’s is more of a destination than a simple gas station. Our versatile collection of services offers a one-stop experience for your traveling enjoyment. Get hot and cold drinks and breakfast, cater to an office luncheon or care for your car all in one place. Take advantage of any of the following options we have waiting for you:


Quality Chevron Gasoline

Running low on fuel? Stop by our location to fill up with high-quality Chevron gasoline for your car, truck, or SUV. Chevron-brand gasoline provides an excellent grade of fuel to ensure your vehicle gets the power it needs for driving through the beautiful state of Idaho. We also offer 91 Octane Non-Ethanol Premium, propane, and Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF on pumps 5 & 17).

Earl of Sandwich

The World’s Greatest Hot Sandwich is now in Idaho! Place orders in store, through our app, or call in. We also host the only Earl of Sandwich with a DRIVE-THRU! We offer catering which provides made-to-order wraps, soups, salads, hot sandwiches, and breakfast items. We make all items fresh for your event in ready-to-serve packaging. Delivery is available for orders totaling at least $50.


Store with a Drive-Thru

Shop our selection of items by walking into our store or from the convenience of your vehicle. We have drive-thru service available for almost everything we have on the shelves, including hot and cold drinks, and anything from the Earl of Sandwich. Want to order on the Earl of Sandwich app and pick up your order through the drive-thru – GREAT! You never have to leave your car.

Visit Fast Eddy’s Today for a Refreshing Experience

Visit us today to shop, refuel, and receive auto service at our Meridian location. Fast Eddy’s is ready to serve you and save you from beelining across Meridian and Boise to get what you need.

What Our Customers Say