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They have the best prices on energy drinks and it is always super clean and all the employees are really nice

Matt Waite, 12/19/2019

They do a great prewash spray down before you enter the main wash. This sets them above the similar Rocket Car Washes with similar equipment.

Ron Seewald, 12/18/2019

The best place to get a good carwash at a reasonable price. The employees really care and help beyond any other carwash I have ever used.

Paul Dymen, 12/16/2019

My favorite stop for gas, food, car wash, and much more...
They have ethanol free fuel and race fuel inside (5 gallon unit). Excellent customer service with a smile!

Pumpkin Fury, 12/03/2019

This Fast Eddy's is HUGE. They have a massive drink selection, basically anything you can think of. They have a large selection of beer, wine, and a growler station. They even have a sandwich shop inside. The staff is always nice and helpful!

Will Bishop, 11/25/2019

Their car wash is so fun they have all kinds of fun characters to look at while your are going thru it. The staff does an excellent job cleaning the inside of your car. They are friendly and act like they enjoy their job & clients

Drema Harms, 11/24/2019

Excellent service! Superfast oil change and wiper replacement. They washed my car, hand dried it and vacuumed it. I wasn't ready for that and had stuff in my car, but they worked around it.
I will go there again.

Jennifer Easley, 11/23/2019

Amazing products and quality. Very nice employees.

Shady Sam, 11/20/2019

Extremely friendly service and a great selection of items inside.

Ian Derrick, 11/15/2019

Great place... always helpful

John Antrim, 10/25/2019

This is the best "gas station" in the Treasure Valley. The growler station alone is hands down the best I have ever seen.

Darrin Pampaian, 10/20/2019

The cleanest gas station convenience store I have ever been in. Probably the most professional staff I've ever seen in a convenience store/gas station.

Keith Proehl, 10/18/2019

The nicest convenience store/gas station I have ever seen.

Scott Packer, 09/20/2019

Seriously the nicest car wash and gas station! The drive-thru car wash is inexpensive and actually works. Plus the extras like unlimited clean towels, vacuums and compressed air are fantastic quality. We love that we get fuel points through Albertsons then a discount on our gas when we buy a car wash. We won’t go anywhere else!

Kylie Wangenheim, 08/20/2019

I was so impressed with the staff and customer service tonight in the store. I've grown so accustomed to poor service in most places, so to have someone walk you to the thing you are looking for, make conversation and offer a better alternative is really great! I had my oil changed yesterday and was equally impressed. I didn't have a lot of time but the young man assured me it wouldn't take long. He was right and they were great!

Lilie M, 08/18/2019

Great place to get a car wash! Vacuums are great, suction never fails, and everything just works perfect. I would go again!

Jake Burridge, 08/13/2019

This was a great car wash and so fun! I was so pleased to have stumbled upon it, and my car is spotless! I didn't use any other amenities, but the service was great and the car wash was wonderful.

Mandy Rockefeller, 07/20/2019

High quality service. The amenities are great — the car mat wash is super convenient. Vacuums, towels, everything. It’s a bit pricier than other car washes at the moment. If you like the extras it will be worth it to you. If not, the other car washes do just as well.

Kristine Bingham, 07/10/2019

Cannot honestly say that I would wash a car anywhere else given the option. The wash itself is great, but the service is even better! Then there are the mat washing machines and the complimentary drying towels and the air freshener they give you at the gate. But what really sold me was the bourbon-scented air freshener in the vending machine

Zach Brown, 06/20/2019

I go here to get my oil changed. Best place to go by far! They are speedy...friendly and go above and beyond. My truck was sparkling clean both inside and out and everyone was smiling and happy to help. The cstore was also awesome. I will continue to come back! Don't sell this one! Oh and make another one off of Ten Mile!

Rodney Frank, 06/10/2019

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